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Jag var med på en atlantresa, västindienkryssningarna, sedan Söderhavskryssningen och slutligen Sprin Cruise. I made good friends with the son of the first mate, so my mothers says. I'm an Italian passenger ship enthusiast and I particularly love the Swedish american Liners. 1960-61 arbetade jag på gamla Kungsholm samt 1966 på nya Kungshom. We were 5 persons that first were exclusively shown the ship from bridge to kitchen and engineroom. Tomas Johannesson - 10/02 /1998 11:56:03 [email protected] I would like more photos of the ships! Margaretha Claeson Gibson - 09/07 /1999 02:37:30 My mother emigrated to the US from Sweden 1927 aboard the Drottningholm; my father in 1926 aboard the Gripsholm. I know this ship so well now with the exception of how the First and tourist accommodation was so where the wonderful wooden figures and others came me say the old Stockholm and that when the ship is scrapped it goes back to Sweden. Bengt Hult - 09/02 /2000 14:44:55 Greetings to all you crewmembers out there! I was employed as salesperson by Thorsten Hanson in 1956, worked with his successor and cruise director Charles Johnson (dec'd 1999) transferred to Los Angeles and Seattle as District Sales Manager, chosen to conduct the Christmas voyage of New kungsholm in 1966 NY/COP/GBG. P O are running the ship in a very good way and it is still maintained with new parts, intending to keep it for a few more years, perhaps.

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HEJ from San Diego, Ludwig Brunhuber - 03/31 /2000 19:00:37 Hello, my name is Ludwig "Luggi" Brunhuber! The ship was owned/managed at the time by Flagship Cruses and I was one of the few people on-board when she sailed to Bremenhaven to get refitted after being purchased by P O During my time on-board I worked many positions. Erik Lihm - 03/30 /2000 05:13:51 Jag heter Erik Lihm och jobbade som musiker på både Gripsholm och Kungsholm i olika perioderdec 71-sept. I worked from mar.70 until okt.73 on MS Gripsholm and enjoyed every day. Unfortunatelly I got the invitation for the tribute only a few days ago and it is impossible for me to change other arrangement. Janne juhl - 04/24 /2000 14:27:26 åkte med kungsholm somm passagerare 66 till new-york, undebart äbbade sedan 68 -69 som däckstewart, servitör och även i bbade även på gripsholm en sommar. Everyday I learn something new. Ken Asplund - 01/17 /2000 01:48:35 Great site! The promise was kept in a most brilliant way latest August. Kevin Griffin The Cruise People Ltd, London Lillponken - 08/29 /1998 17:02:40 Snyggt farsan! Thanks for the memories and best wishes to all.

Lennart Angelmo who we met the other day we found this page - what a treat to "old" crew members of the Swedish American Line! Having gone from Princess, to Regency to Holland America and finally Royal Carribean as of now, I can attest to the various types and sizes of ships. Ser fram emot återföreningen den 27 maj i Stockholm. Skulle gärna vilja komma på festen i Stockholm den 27/5 men jag hittar ingen information om den, jag hoppas det är någon som kan hjälpa mig med det. They even offered me to bring along some fellows from that time when Victoria would arrive to Copenhagen. Vi fick i allafall vara med om det. The incipient SAL reunion suddenly came to my attention through my interest in maritime subjects on the internet. Lars Lanzow - 05/23 /1999 09:34:32 Glad to look at your information. More About Arlanda Express, more About Arrangers of Sweden, more About Baltic Gateway. She still has one of the menus with the sailing ship. Sven Sandström - 01/09 /2000 11:07:52 Hej alla. Im here so often I can and read. Elaine Hannah - 10/18 /1998 23:42:58 My mother, my sister and I sailed on both the Gripsholm and the Stockholm in 1952.